Luton and Hitchin X-Ray Services

Please Note:

Our x-ray services are for conditions relating to the spine, bones and joints. We cannot take any x-rays for pathological conditions of the organs, skull or chest.

If you think you may have a fracture then please attend your local fracture clinic or A&E department.


Who can take x-rays?

At Luton and Hitchin X-ray services, Chiropractors are fully qualified to take certain x-rays and governed under the The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017.

Why would an x-ray be needed?

X-rays can help identify issues that cannot be reproduced by clinical examination alone, in cases of arthritis for example. it allows us to see the extent of the arthritis and where it is located, once this is identified the treatment can be designed more specifically for this area. Other reasons an x-ray might be needed could be in cases of severe trauma or degeneration, if an x-ray is required then it will help greatly with the diagnosis, treatment and management of the condition.

Does everyone require an x-ray?

No, we must always have a full clinical reasoning before any x-rays are taken and will not take any if not justified. Most cases of joint and muscle pains will not require an x-ray and structures such as discs, muscles and nerves cannot be seen on an x-ray, if these structures need to be imaged then the Chiropractor will refer you to your GP with a letter advising further imaging such as an MRI or Ultrasound scan.

What are the benefits of having a private x-ray?

The main benefit is that you will get the results very quickly, our Luton and Hitchin x-ray services will endeavour to take the x-ray either the same day as the appointment or a few days afterwards, we will also develop them on site and will ask you to come in a few days later to discuss the results.

Do I have to have a full examination before the x-ray can be taken?

In most cases yes, however we do offer a free no obligation pre-X-Ray assessment in which we can determine if an X-ray is required and will meet the justification standards set out by IRMER 2017. If during an initial consultation where we take a full history and examination and come to the conclusion that an x-ray is required and fully justified then an X-Ray may be suggested to you. The exceptions are if you are referred, with a letter, to us by either your GP or another consultant that can appropriately make such a justification and if we are satisfied with the reasoning then we will be happy to take the x-ray based on their justification.