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Care at Heale’s Clinics involves the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of conditions such as:


Back Pain
Conditions of the lower and mid back can be very painful initially; the acute stage occurs within the first 6 weeks of onset. Depending on what has caused the pain, you may experience other …
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Sciatica is a condition where the nerve exiting from the last vertebra in the spine (the sciatic nerve) is irritated or compressed. The main cause of sciatica is usually the L5/S1 disc that …
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Shoulder and Arm Pain
Quite a lot of elbow and shoulder pain can be linked directly and indirectly to the structures in the neck and back. There are many conditions that can cause shoulder and elbow symptoms for …
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Hip & Knee Pain
Osteoarthritis can cause a number of joints to become stiff and painful, some joints such as the hip and knee can be very affected by this. Osteoarthritis is the formation of bony-like spurs …
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Muscle Spasms
Cramps are sudden, involuntary, painful muscle contractions; their mechanism remains poorly understood. A muscle cramp is a sudden, involuntary, painful contraction of a muscle or part of …
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Joint Pains
General joint pains can occur at any joint in the body, can be present all the way from the base of your skull (the atlanto-occipital joints or C1) right down through your neck, spine and …
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Neck Pain
Conditions of the neck can be very painful; the acute stage occurs within the first 6 weeks of onset. Acute neck pain can be very sharp or may present as a dull ache, the pain …
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Headaches & Migraines
Most headaches do not come from the neck and have a different source but there is a very specific type of headache that is called a Cervicogenic headache that originates from the cervical …
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If you are unsure as to whether we may be able to help you, please call us and we will answer any questions you may have.

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