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Exercises for flexibility

Yesterday we talked about shoulder pain, but what if your shoulders are just stiff and you need to stretch them out?  Shoulder tightness is very common, affecting approximately 18 to 26% of adults.  However you can take steps to relieve the tightness in your shoulders by doing a few simple exercises. These  five lengthening and […]


Stretch for spinal strength

The winter leaves us all a bit stiff and achy, so stretching is especially important, however, it is very important that before embarking on any exercise routine that you seek advice from your Chiropractor, regardless of what’s causing your lower back pain, it is also crucial that you stretch your lower back with care and […]


Flexibility – What are the benefits?

Stretching your body to have more suppleness and flexibility has extraordinary health and physical benefits and can have a positive effect on your overall well-being. Improved flexibility may help to improve your day to day activities, decrease your risk of injury and pain and help your joints move through their full range of motion – […]