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Flight to success- plane speaking!

Flight to success – plane speaking! Factors potentially aggravating back pain while traveling include: Sitting or standing for too long in awkward positions Sitting in uncomfortable seats Continually lifting heavy items such as suitcases Experiencing travel stress Sleeping in an unnatural position Flying can cause flare-ups and worsen chronic back pain for many people. Listed […]

Sacroiliitis - what a pain!

Sacroiliitis – what a pain!

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints that Chiropractors diagnose and treat.  One condition that can be easily missed is sacroiliitis this is because it can be mistaken for other forms of  back pain. What is sacroiliitis? Sacroiliitis is inflammation of one or both of the sacroiliac joints – also known as […]

Pilates Power!

Pilates Power!

As the new year begins many of us are thinking about new fitness regimes.  Did you know that Pilates can actually help improve your back condition and help relieve pain!  To better understand this we first need to know what Pilates is and how it works! What is Pilates? Pilates is a form of low-impact […]

Laptop liabilities

Laptop liabilities

In an effort to stem the number of coronavirus infections, we are being told to wherever possible work from home.  This means popping your laptop on a surface suitable for working, transforming kitchen tables and bedrooms into home offices. Many are working under less-than-ideal ergonomic conditions—a kitchen chair that’s too low, a table that’s too […]


My wallet – a pain in the backside!

Your wallet is one of your most taken-for-granted accessories and it has always lived in your back pocket. When it comes to it, size matters. Carrying a big, fat wad of cash in your pocket can mean major trouble for your back. So what happens exactly? So what happens when you sit on your wallet? […]


Warm up for winter

The winter season is fast approaching so it’s even more essential to warm up for winter. Though some places get far more snow than others, our chiropractors still have some suggestions for anyone dealing with snow and possible icy pavements and streets. They’re dangerous and need to be treated as such, even when the snow […]


Are you lifting correctly?

A leading cause of back injury at work is lifting or handling objects incorrectly. Manual handling causes over a third of all workplace injuries. Learning and following the correct method for lifting and handling heavy loads can help prevent injury and avoid back pain! The term manual handling covers a wide variety of activities including lifting, lowering, […]


Backpack Blunders!

As promised this post will explain how to correctly pack a backpack and what the correct lifting and carrying techniques are, whether you are an adult or child, after all backpacks are supposed to alleviate pain, not create it! First of all buy the right backpack: Try to choose a canvas pack over a leather […]


To massage or not to massage?

With the easing of restrictions we can welcome you all back for massage at the clinics – but what type of treatment is right for you? It’s easy for patients (and some clinicians) to approach this type of treatment with a myopic view; a massage is a massage, putting a hand or tool on someone […]


Gardening – Spring into Action!

Spring has sprung and many of us are looking at our gardens with a view to getting stuck in, but with a winter of inactivity, how do we avoid back pain whilst gardening? A Gallup poll for the BBC – BBC News Site revealed that 42% of adults have suffered from back pain and nearly half of […]