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Christmas catastrophe’s – how to avoid them!

Christmas catastrophe’s – how to avoid them! The British Christmas Tree Growers Association (BCTGA) sells approximately 8 to 10 million Christmas trees per year, that’s a lot of lights and decorations! Putting up Christmas decorations can be a challenging task if you have back problems and many of us do not realise how much pain […]

rotator cuff

Rotator cuff injury – can we help?

Rotator cuff injury – can we help? What is a rotator cuff? They aid in movement that requires you to raise your hands above your head and if this is done repeatedly it could lead to serious shoulder injury. Your shoulders are among the most flexible joints in the body. Unfortunately, this flexibility come at […]


Core strength helps prevent back pain – why?

Core strength helps prevent backpain – why? Studies show that exercises to strengthen your core are one of the most effective treatments for back pain. A strong core is your best defence against developing back pain, unfortunately the reverse is also true! What are core muscles? When most people think about the core of the […]

aching jaw

Aching jaw – What’s the score

Aching jaw – What’s the score? Usually, this includes: Stress Jaw clenching Teeth grinding whilst asleep or awake Neck injuries such as whiplash Injury to the area Nail biting Infection Arthritis Symptoms can include: Jaw or TMJ pain and soreness Pain when biting or chewing Headaches Neck pain Dental issues Clicking or popping of the […]