Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

RSI refers to aches and pains in your upper body caused by repetitive movements and poor posture at work.  It is also called occupational overuse injury and overuse syndrome. RSI mainly affects your arms,elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, neck and shoulders. You can get this condition from a wide range of occupations and activities.  You may…

strong bones

Bones – Foods To Keep Them Strong!

Eating the right balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep your body’s systems functioning properly and to keep your bones strong and healthy is essential – eating right is not all about managing your weight! It is very easy to get so focused on the fat and calories in the food we eat, we…


Dizziness for no reason?

Incredibly two in five over 40’s experience dizziness or vertigo!  This can have an enormous impact on your daily routine.   It can stop you from doing things for fear of falling. Try these 5 simple ways to help reduce the dizziness! Get a good nights sleep! Pain, anxiety, medication and too much caffeine can lead…


Snap, Crackle and Pop

We’ve all experienced joint noises, knees that snap when we stand up, feet that pop when we move them and a neck that cracks when we turn our heads! The older you get, the more noise your joints can make.  Although often joint cracking can be loud and might be annoying there is usually nothing…

posture, stand tall

Great tips for better posture!

Good posture involves training your body to stand, sit, walk and lie in positions where the least strain is placed on the spine, muscles and ligaments. Below are some great tips for a better posture. Sit up straight! Slouching adds stress to your spine – this in turn puts a great deal of strain on…


Back Pain and common Myths

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people miss work in the UK, and is the leading cause of disability worldwide.  It is easy for people to get confused about this condition with it being so common, so is it any wonder that misconceptions arise!   We know that the easiest way to tackle this…

Corrie Heale

Corrie Heale had an interview with Rich & Leigh!

An interview with Corrie Heale! Here’s an excerpt from the the article form Rich Leigh that interviewed Corrie Heale (the daughter of Graham Heale – founder of Heales Chiropractic Clinics), who is the Art Editor of Heat Magazine! The link is below if you want to read the full interview. Before becoming food editor of…

Chiropractic for all ages

Chiropractic for All Ages!

Quite often people think of chiropractic as being suitable only for adults of mid age range i.e. from 18 – 60. However this is a common misunderstanding as chiropractic for all ages including teenagers, children and even new-borns to people in their 90’s and beyond! Lets start at the beginning of Chiropractic for all ages…

A great link for chronic low back pain!

A great link for chronic low back pain!

Click the link to visit a page by Spine Health for low back pain on: The Relationship Between Chronic Pain and Inactivity: The Disuse Syndrome From the team at Heale’s Chiropractic Clinics Over 30 years of helping people in Hitchin and Luton and the surrounding areas of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire

Back Care Awareness Week

Back Care Awareness Week

All over the country it’s Back Care Awareness Week! This week is all about looking after your back be it at work, at home or during activity. Like most clinics we offer a CHIRO CHECK which is a free 15 minute no obligation consultation in which we can assess you to see if Chiropractic treatment…