Spinal Products

Ice PackChiropractic ColdPack

These gel filled ColdPacks will give you relief from pain and will help to reduce inflammation immediately, used mainly on joints, bones and soft tissue where an acute injury has occurred.

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Gel Based Ice/ColdPack

This unique gel stays softer and colder for longer than others

Reduces inflammation at the source

Effective pain relief

Please speak to your Chiropractor before using a ColdPack

Avoid using on muscle strains, spasms and cramps as these generally benefit more from heat

When applying ColdPack or ice always cover the skin and never ice for more than 20 minutes at a time and leave a gap of at least 20 minutes between applications

Made in Britain

Price: £6.00

Pillow 1Orthopaedic Pillow

The Original Low-Line Plus Pillow is anatomically shaped for correct alignment of the spine whether you sleep on you side or on your back.



Original Low-Line Plus Pillow

Used and recommended by clinicians and healthcare professionals for more than 15 years.

It is moulded from cold cast polyurethane foam to offer added support.

Its unique design has helped many thousands of people achieve the ultimate nights sleep.

Price: £35.00


BeltUniversal Support Belt

The support belts provide immediate relief from backache, fatigue and stiffness. They provide uniform compression with unrestricted mobility and assist in stabilising the hips and pelvis.

Available in small, medium, large and xl.

Harley Universal Support Belt

Ideal for central and lower back pain.

Designed to help stabilise the hips and pelvis through compression, but without restriction of movement.

Suitable for people with a manual occupation or who enjoy an active life.

The detachable side pulls provide additional support. Assists with Lumbago and sports injuries.

Available in: Small (22″- 27″), Medium (28″- 33″), Large (34″- 39″), XL (40″- 45″)

Custom sizes can be made to order but may cost slightly more

Price: £29.00

low back support

Harley Car Support

The Designer Low Back Support is made with memory foam to mould and fit your back and provide a unique support for your frame.

Designer Low Back Support

Super slim moulded product giving gentle lumbar support

Ideal in the car or in an office chair

Moulded visco elastic foam for comfort and relief

Price £42.00

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