Initial Chiropractic Assessment

Initial Chiropractic Assessment

The initial consultation usually takes about 45 minutes.

When you visit our clinics for the first time your chiropractor will take a full medical case history. All your details will be handled in the strictest confidence.

With your consent the chiropractor will undertake a thorough orthopaedic and neurological examination as well as an in-depth examination of joint motion, particularly the spine. We provide gowns for all female patients to safeguard their privacy and dignity.

Based on the examination findings the chiropractor will decide whether any additional investigations are necessary before treatment can begin. These may include x-rays, which can be taken at the clinic.

If the chiropractor feels it is appropriate for further investigations to be carried out they may refer you back to your GP or recommend the appropriate specialist.

It is normally possible to have a treatment on your first visit, but this will be discussed with your chiropractor.

What To Bring

Please bring things that would help us to fully understand your condition and how it has changed over time. This includes things like previous scans and reports, list of medication etc.

What To Wear

Please wear comfortable clothes that are stretchy/baggy, just like what you would wear to the gym.

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Subsequent Chiropractic Treatments:

Follow up visits typically take 15 minutes.

However, the frequency and duration of treatment varies for each individual and is dependent on the condition.

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