Hearing Tests


To book an appointment, please call Max directly on: 07852 138501 or e-mail: max@naturalhearing.co.uk

When you book in for your free hearing test Max will provide the following service:

  • An understanding of your medical history regarding your hearing problems
  • Tympanometry (health in the middle ear)
  • Auroscopic examination of the ears using an otoscope to check for any abnormalities or blockages
  • Air conduction (AC) hearing test to determine the degree of hearing loss.
  • Bone conduction (BC) hearing test to determine the type of hearing loss you have.  This type of test gives us a better understanding of what caused the hearing loss.
  • A clear explanation of your hearing results will be provided.

IMG_7538You are under no obligation when you come in for your hearing tests at the clinics.  If you want to find out more information before you book or for general information please go to the following website www.naturalhearing.co.uk

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