Is the Winter Weather Making your Back Pain Worse?


Whether you love the changing of the seasons and the chance to don your winter woolies or you hate the lack of sunshine and the restriction of your outdoor activities – cold weather affects us all in a similar way. When temperatures drop, the body slows down meaning it requires more rest to be able to function.

There has been significant research regarding chronic conditions such as arthritis and osteoarthritis, however very little is known about how temperature effects them.

Research performed on joint pain and fluctuations in weather remain inconclusive.

However those suffering with chronic pain frequently report that changes in the weather affect their daily activities and have an impact on their stiffness and pain.

Did you know… The most commonly accepted reasoning is that with colder temperatures comes lower air pressure, that can cause joint tissues to expand—further worsening joints already prone to swelling and tenderness.

Try these three simple steps to help prevent and combat your pain, if you think the cold weather makes your condition worse.

1. Heat therapy

Help to reduce stiffness and boost healing by including heat therapy in your daily routine as this increases blood circulation.  Try applying a warm towel, hot pack  or a heating pad to the affected painful area for about 20 minutes for temporary pain relief. You can also get over the counter heat products.

2. Water Therapy

If you like swimming, try to visit a heated indoor pool with hot baths, jacuzzis and saunas a few times a week for almost instant relief from your pain.

3. Stay active

As tempting as it is to just stay on the sofa during winter evenings, it is crucial to keep your spine mobile and stay active. If your pain is too severe to go to the gym, try long walks with hiking poles or Pilates at home

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