The winter season is fast approaching so it’s even more essential to warm up for winter. Though some places get far more snow than others, our chiropractors still have some suggestions for anyone dealing with snow and possible icy pavements and streets. They’re dangerous and need to be treated as such, even when the snow and ice is minimal.

Remember to warm up before you go outside, even if you will only be out for a while. Warming up before an outside workout or activity can help prevent muscle strain. Stretching out your body can help prevent falling as well. Making sure your body is flexible and prepared for what’s to come can help ensure you remain steady on your feet and avoid falling on the ice. It also helps to warm you up so you don’t walk out in the harsh cold that can impact your skin and lungs in a negative way.

If you know you are going to be spending time outside, it is important to make sure you are prepared. The advice is to dress in layers and wear proper shoes to prevent slips and falls.  Don’t go outside in heels or flat shoes.  You need a sturdy pair of winter boots with a good tread that offers plenty of traction.  The right pair of boots will help prevent slipping and falling on the ice. The layers will not only keep you warm and protected from the cold wind but will also keep your muscles loose and prevent them from contracting and becoming stiff while you are outside.

If you will be shovelling snow, push the snow in front of you and walk it to the snowbank. Do not throw the snow, as twisting and turning in colder weather can result in muscle strain, spasms, and injury. Bend your knees and allow your arms and legs to do the work instead of your back. Take breaks inside to warm up and rest your muscles and stop immediately if you experience any pain.

Fortunately, chiropractic treatment can help you in many ways during the winter to stay healthy and safe.  Here at Heale’s Clinics we are dedicated to keeping you healthy and safe during the winter months to not only help prevent problems but also keep you feeling and functioning at your best!

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