Walking to a better life!


Walking is a great form of exercise. It’s recommended that we take 10,000 steps a day. However, a recent study conducted at Stanford University found that the global average for steps taken per day is just 4,961.  The UK’s average is above this figure, however it’s a far cry from the suggested amount.


Local chiropractor Peter Heale from Heale’s Chiropractic Clinic in Luton, highlights the many benefits of walking, including  helping to reduce the risk of heart disease and helping you sleep better!


Try swapping walking on pavements for paths in green spaces, you would be surprised how it improves your outlook and helps to reduce feelings of depression – especially at this time of year when the dark mornings and evenings can have a serious affect on your mood. With so many lovely green areas in and around Luton, a little change in your daily routine can do wonders for your wellbeing!


“A good walking technique is key to ensure your back is properly supported. Tighten your stomach muscles to engage your core and support your entire body weight. Spinal alignment is vital; try to stand up straight and keep your chin parallel to the ground. Let your arms swing naturally and roll through your foot from heel to toe.”


“As you move your body weight from heel to toe try and make a slight rolling motion inwards. This will help you when you push off with your foot and will give you a faster stride. Speed walking can burn as many calories as jogging especially if your posture is correct. Try and hold your ribcage up and your tummy muscles in.”


Shortening your strides is a good idea as this will reduce the strain on your knees, calves and shins. Make sure you get the right technique as you start off so that bad habits don’t develop! Getting the right footwear is key to ensuring you establish a good walking method. When buying shoes you’re going to walk in make sure you go at the end of the day as your feet will be a little swollen meaning you’ll purchase the right size. It’s important that your toes have room to move and that your heel doesn’t slip. This will give you ample support both in your ankle and further up in your lower back.


Local chiropractor Peter encourages incorporating a walk into your daily routine. By releasing endorphins and boosting vitamin D levels, walking’s benefits are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and energized.


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