New Year, New You!!

New Year

Don’t let your New Year Resolutions lead to injury!  For a lot of us, our New Year resolutions list tends to include getting fit and losing weight, but don’t overdo is as this can lead to over exercising and ultimately injury!

The New Year, it really does feel like we get to re-set the clock and start again, which means our motivation is higher than normal, but for those of us who have a low activity level or who don’t exercises regularly, the sudden transition and over-exercising is a recipe for injury!

So – we are motivated and want to get into shape, how do we avoid injury and over-exercising?

  1. Always build rest days into your fitness regime.  They allow your body to heal.
  2. Switch around your activity, such as cycling, walking, cross fit, swimming or any other form of exercise.  Changing your exercise allows your body to strengthen other muscle groups.
  3. Stretch – Warm-up before exercising and cool down after exercising to help prevent muscle injuries – never stretch cold muscles!
  4. Drink water – seems obvious, a good rule of thumb is drink when you are thirsty.  The goal here is to replenish electrolytes, so sports drinks can be helpful if you are exercising for over an hour or in high temperatures.  Drinking too much water can be an issue too, when you drink too much water you begin to dilute the amount of salt and electrolytes in your body.

After a work out you should expect to feel some soreness, and whilst the amount varies between each person, you can expect the pain to peak within 24 – 48 hours.

Most people who over-exercise end up with tendonitis – an inflammation in the tissues connecting muscle to bone.  If you ignore this pain, it can turn into a stress fracture, where the bone starts to break down. The good news is that most stress fractures heal pretty much on their own if you stop or modify your activity and allow the injured area to rest.

If you experience soreness longer than normal or pain persists for over a week, it could be that something is wrong and may be time to visit your Chiropractor to get it checked out!

Here’s to a happy new you and remember don’t over do it!

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