Back Pain and common Myths

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Back pain is one of the most common reasons people miss work in the UK, and is the leading cause of disability worldwide.  It is easy for people to get confused about this condition with it being so common, so is it any wonder that misconceptions arise!  

We know that the easiest way to tackle this condition is to keep moving, but sometimes these myths and misconceptions can stop people from doing exercise or seeking proper treatment.


One of the most common myths is that people think it’s not going to happen to them. In fact 4 out of 5 of us will be affected by this condition at some point in our lives!


Here are the top myths about back pain exposed:


  • MYTH: Exercise will worsen or cause back pain


  • Staying in  bed can be one of the worst things you can do! Without exercise muscles become weakened, sore and stiff.  By all means rest, try and calm the pain, and try to perform some gentle exercise.


  • MYTH: If you see an Orthopaedic or Spinal specialist you will end up having surgery


  •  In most cases the treatments recommended will be non-surgical, such as exercise, physical therapy, manipulation and anti-inflammatory medication. Spinal surgery is only recommended in about 1% of cases


  • MYTH: Back pain is a normal part of aging


  • Some people believe that pain is a typical part of getting older but it shouldn’t be a normal part of your day. We all get aches and pains as we age, however with all the options to ease back pain available today you shouldn’t suffer in silence.


  • MYTH: Losing weight is the best way to prevent back pain


  • There is no denying that being overweight is a risk factor, but look around you, there are lots of slim people suffering the same condition!  Men and women get back pain equally.  Common risk factors include injury, inactivity, bad posture, stress and wear and tear.

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