January Blues – how to beat them!


January has a reputation for being the most depressing month of the year. Christmas has been and gone, and all we’ve got left as a reminder is a few more pounds on the scales and fewer pounds in the bank account. Leaving the house and returning from work in the dark is starting to drag on and we’re getting fed up with the need for various layers. This is the dreaded “January Blues” so it is time to take action!

Instead of giving into “The January Blues”, why not learn how to beat them? Here are some tips for giving yourself the best start to your year!

1. Take a look at your New Year’s Resolutions

No one likes to be a failure – so you should definitely make sure your New Year’s Resolutions are actually achievable!

Part of the reason people suffer from the January blues is that they were overly ambitious with their New Year’s resolutions and are left feeling unhappy when they can’t stick to them. It’s still January, so make some new ones that are more achievable and don’t beat yourself up over a couple of chocolates.

Making resolutions to better yourself is a good thing, but make sure they’re things you can stick to (this will avoid any disappointment due to slower-than-expected progress – or giving up in January).

2. Eat the right foods

So much of the way we feel depends on what we’re fuelling our bodies with. Eat low glycemic index (GI) foods and make your meals rich in vitamins and omega-3s. Keep away from processed foods and too much sugar and you’ll be less likely to feel sluggish. Check out our last article on 10 immune boosting foods to eat!

3. Remember January only has 31 Days!

January may not hold much excitement, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the year will follow suit. January is the time when most people plan on booking holidays and trips away, so why not factor in some adventures of your own for the year ahead? Although travelling may be difficult in this current climate – plan some outdoor activities with your family such as long nature walks, cycling and when the weather gets better – picnics! With something to look forward to, the month will fly by and it’ll be spring before you know it.

5. Be Kind to Others

You may have neighbours who are elderly, vulnerable, or unable to leave the house. Without putting yourself at risk of infection, a phone call, a text, or a note through the door to let them know you are thinking of them and available for help can do wonders. Don’t forget, even a quick chat on the phone can really raise the spirits of someone who is stuck indoors all day.  Doing good deeds for others makes you (and them) feel great.

We hope these hints and tips will keep you in good cheer this January. If there’s one thing you should remember it’s this: your happiness is down to you. If you commit yourself to being unhappy this month, you will be.

If you do something about the January blues, you can and will get yourself through it positively and happily!

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