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One of the services we provide at Heale’s Chiropractic Clinics is Sports, Deep Tissue and Remedial Massage.  We have found it to be most beneficial in aiding the recovery of musculo-skeletal injuries, but what exactly does it involve……..???

Massage is a natural therapy, which has been in use probably since time began.  It was the main method in treating muscle and joint injuries for thousands of years!!

Massage works on many different levels, but it is the exclusive way in which it mixes the various benefits to suit the individual that makes it such an accomplished and powerful treatment method!

It is based on the fact that muscles, tendons and ligaments respond to touch.  Muscles not only move our joints they also stabilize them.

The Therapist you see will focus on re-aligning the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue.  There are various different techniques that can be used, all our Therapists are fully qualified and registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapists, giving them the unique ability and knowledge to treat the injury and the individual in the best way possible.  Generally the massage strokes are slow and the pressure deep, concentrated on areas of tension and pain.

During the treatment some people may feel slight discomfort, especially if the injury being treated is acute, however it should not be painful.  Always let the Therapist know if pain is felt, so that they can adjust the technique and the pressure being used.

Although many of you who consult a Massage Therapist at Heale’s Clinics have pain caused by specific injuries such as:-


Falls and trips

Sports Injuries

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Muscle and Joint Sprains and Strains

Interestingly in truth the vast majority of injuries originate in postural alignment that can sometimes go back to childhood and adolescence.

There are major benefits of massage some of which include :-

Relieves Stress

Increases joint mobility

Reduces chronic pain

Breaks down scar tissue

Helps arthritis pain and symptoms

If you would like to learn more about massage or to book an appointment please visit the Heale’s Clinic website heale’ or call Luton (01582) 579687 or Hitchin (01462) 420077






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