Ditch that Poorly Fitting Bra!


There are numerous reasons why 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra – ignorance, embarrassment or just plain laziness!  Unfortunately ill fitting lingerie is bad for your health!

Lets be honest – pain and discomfort makes our lives harder.  Chronic issues put us in a bad mood, they add to our stress and have a negative impact on our work and relationships.  Wearing a badly fitting bra also creates medical issues, so many women suffer with chronic neck and shoulder problems due to wearing a badly fitting bra!

Pain and numbness across the back of your neck and shoulders is never OK, neither is a sense of burning pain behind your chest strap!

A poorly fitted bra offers a lack of support to the cleavage which means the neck and upper back muscles have to work much harder to support the weight.  As soon as the neck muscles become overworked you are far more likely to get headaches!

It continues down the body as well.  A bra that is too tight restricts the movement in the upper back, causing stiffness and restriction in the spine.  This causes backache which can then develop into back pain.  There is the opinion that bras that are too tight can restrict rib movement, having an impact on breathing mechanics making it more likely you will be a shallow rib breather.  It also means you are more likely to use the neck muscles for breathing, this shortens the neck muscles and can lead to neck pain.

5 Signs you are wearing the wrong bra

  1. Your straps keep falling off your shoulders!  -If a bra fits correctly you should only be able to pull the straps about a half  to one inch above your shoulder.
  2. You have back fat! – It’s not back fat, it means your band is too tight and is digging into your skin.
  3. Your cups are wrinkly or baggy! – Your cup is too big
  4. The centre of your chest band lifts away from your chest! – The centre gore (the part of the bra in between the cups) should rest against your body without gapping.
  5. You have neck, back or shoulder pain! – your body is talking to you, you should listen, you may not have the right fitting bra.

However if you are suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain and you are wearing a correctly fitted bra, it may be time to see your Chiropractor.  Call Hitchin 01462 420077 or Luton 01582 579687 to speak to a member of our team or alternatively e-mail us on: hitchin@healesclinics.com or luton@healesclinics.com



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