D.I.Y. -Don’t Injure Yourself!


It’s that time of year again, the warmer weather approaches and those little D.I.Y. jobs that you put off all winter suddenly become ultra important!

It is estimated there are approximately 200,000 D.I.Y. accidents each year in the U.K.; most of which could often be easily avoided – so before you start make sure you consider your safety!!  Listed below are some helpful tips for injury free home improvements:-

  • Choose the right clothing – Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movements.  Work boots and gloves will also protect you.  Wear safety glasses whenever you use power tools, hammers or other striking or cutting tools.
  • Tackle only those tasks that you feel safe handling – If you feel  uncomfortable on the roof because it’s too high or steep, leave the repairs to a professional.  The same holds true with jobs that require specialised tools.  It really isn’t worth the risk  of injury!
  • Ready to start? – First do some basic warm up exercises to loosen up your muscles so that you can avoid spraining/straining yourself whilst working.  If you are unsure as to which warm up exercises would be right for you, contact one of our team who should be able to point you in the right direction.
  • Take lots of breaks – Try to avoid being in the same position for too long, take a break and stretch every so often, this will help avoid muscle fatigue, injury and strain on the joints of the back and neck.
  • Face the problem head on! – Whether you are on a ladder or on the ground, make sure you are directly facing the job in hand to rule out any excessive twisting or repeated bending forwards or backwards as this places excess pressure on your spine and back muscles which in turn could lead to an injury!

We hope these tips prove helpful and help keep you injury free whilst tackling those essential home improvements!  Should you want some further information or advice, please contact one of our team on Luton (01582) 508873 or Hitchin (01468) 420077, alternatively e-mail us on: hitchin@healesclinics.com, luton@healesclinics.com

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