5 Signs stress levels are out of control!


Stress is a process, not a diagnosis!  When the term “stress” is used in a clinical sense – it refers to a situation that causes discomfort and distress and can lead to other mental health problems such as depression and anxiety!

However, stress is normal.  We are actually designed to react to demanding or threatening situations, brain signals trigger adrenaline and cortisol, the famous fight or flight hormones, to help us to respond to stressful situations.  In fact is is a vital part of our physiology!

It can become a problem however, when we become constantly  under pressure as we are not designed to be in a continual chronic state of stress.  These hormones need to be re-balanced and pretty quickly, if not we start to exhibit symptoms such as feeling exhausted or highly charged and constantly feeling like we are teetering on the brink of breaking point.

So what do we do about it?

The most important thing is to firstly acknowledge that stress is real and shouldn’t be ignored.  Exercise or a stint of voluntary work has shown to be extremely good at relieving stress.  However others are less healthy such as drinking.  It is easy to spot if you have problem with alcohol – stop drinking for a while – if you find you can’t – get some help.  It is important to be honest with yourself.

Spotting the signs!

Stress may not affect everyone in the same way but below are five possible tell-tale signs that stress may be a problem.

Lack of interest – Showing a lack of interest in activities that you usually love, be it exercising, hobbies, social activities or work and relationships!

Sleeping badly – Those hormones coupled with anxious brains can affect sleep too.  You might feel you are sleeping far more than usual or that you are sleeping poorly, perhaps mainly due to exhaustion and lack of motivation.

Withdrawing from social activities –   it might feel like too much of a chore to socialise, hard to muster the energy or you may feel you have lost the ability to concentrate or engage socially.

Over- reacting to little things –  When stress hormones are constantly simmering away, it can make you feel like you are permanently going to snap, so you feel more angry, irritated, upset and impatient.

Relying on alcohol to pull you through –  Unfortunately men are three times more likely to become alcohol dependent than women and are more likely to self medicate with drugs or alcohol as a means of coping!

I would like to finish on a quote “Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you” – John De Paola

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