5 signs of a pinched nerve!

pinched nerve

We explained what a  pinched nerve was in last weeks article, and since pinched nerves can show up pretty much anywhere on your body – you can literally feel symptoms all over the place!

Although you can get symptoms of a pinched nerve in many locations on your body, they often show up in your legs and feet or arms and hands.

Here are 5 signs to look out for:

 1.  It feels like your hand or foot falls asleep a lot – If you notice that this tends to happen when you sit on your leg or rest your arm in a certain way, but it goes away when you move, it is more   than likely that you are compressing the nerve temporarily because of the position you have adopted.  However if it happens a lot and you are not sure why, it is important to get it checked   out to see what might be compressing your nerve.

2.  You have muscle weakness in one area of your body – Muscle weakness is usually a sign that one of your motor nerves – the ones that carry messages from your brain to your muscles – is             affected.  This is usually a sign that the muscle that is connected with the nerve isn’t being told to operate the way it should.

3.  You have pins and needles – To understand why this happens, you need to know that there are 3 main types of nerves in your body:-

Sensory Nerves – responsible for feeling things

Motor Nerves – control voluntary movement of your muscles

Automatic Nerves – they control automatic organ related functions such as breathing, sweating and blood pressure.

Your nerve’s job is to transmit signals from one point to another in your body.  A pins and needles feeling usually means that a sensory nerve is being compressed.

4.  You have a sharp aching or burning pain which might radiate outwards – This can happen because the area near the nerve is inflamed and compressing it or the nerve itself is inflamed.

5.  You have numbness or decreased sensation in one area of your body – This can be caused with pressure causing poor blood flow to the nerve.  Decreased blood flow to the nerves can deprive the nerve cells of oxygen, causing issues with the nerves ability to fire.

These symptoms could also signal other medical conditions, so unless these symptoms happen in a way that makes sense to you, get it checked out!

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