Spinal pain in children – spot the signs!

Spinal pain

Spinal pain is a well known source of discomfort in adults, but more frequently children and adolescents are being diagnosed with the same problem.

It is no longer generally associated with middle-age or later, in fact between 14% and 24% of children and adolescents complain of spinal pain.  Common reasons for this include:-

  • Increasing weight of backpacks worn by children at school
  • Year round sports activities
  • Higher body weights
  • Higher rates of obesity

With this in mind, knowing when the problem may be more serious than a simple strain and when to seek professional help is particularly beneficial.

So what are the warning signs that it might be more serious?

  • Constant symptoms of pain
  • Night pain – especially pain that wakes your child from sleep
  • Symptoms persisting beyond several weeks
  • Leg pain, numbness or weakness
  • Symptoms in very young children

These warning signs do not necessarily mean there is a more serious problem, however they are a good benchmark to determine if you need to seek professional help.

Muscular spinal pain is by far the most common cause of pain in children and adolescents.  Injuries include strains and sprains, overuse injuries and postural problems.  Most often muscular pain will respond to rest and modifications in activities and many treatments  may provide relief, these include Chiropractic treatment and massage therapy.

Disc problems are much less common in children than adults, but they can occur, symptoms include numbness and tingling in the legs.

The good news for children and parents alike is that while spinal pain can interfere with sports and other activities, with the appropriate treatment programme, they almost always return to full activities without ongoing problems of back discomfort.

If your child is having spinal pain, especially if it is associated with the warning signs mentioned, why not pop into see your local Chiropractic for advice?

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