Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints that Chiropractors diagnose and treat.  One condition that can be easily missed is sacroiliitis this is because it can be mistaken for other forms of  back pain.

What is sacroiliitis?

Sacroiliitis is inflammation of one or both of the sacroiliac joints – also known as SI joints.  They are found where your lower spine and pelvis connect, so anytime you take a step, lift your leg, extend or move your legs – yes you are using your sacroiliac joints!

What are the symptoms?

The pain associated with sacroiliitis comes from inflammation and irritation of the sacroiliac joints.  Some of these symptoms include:-

  • Stiffness in the hips and lower back
  • Pain in the lower back, hips, buttocks, legs and even into the feet
  • Pain felt with weight bearing activities
  • Pain that worsens after long periods of either sitting or standing

Pain can also be aggravated by:

  • Running
  • Climbing the stairs
  • Jogging
  • Standing with more weight on one leg than the other
  • Taking large strides

So what causes it?

There are many causes of sacroiliitis which can make it difficult to pinpoint exactly what caused it, however causes can be broken into a few categories:

  • Arthritis – Arthritis in the area caused by wear and tear (osteoarthritis) and recurring stress at the sacroiliac joint
  • Pregnancy – As the baby grows the hip girdle widens causing additional stress on these joints which can lead to abnormal wear
  • Injuries – These include traumatic injuries such as sudden impact injuries like falling or a road traffic accident
  • Movement dysfunction – This is when the pelvis, low back, or sacrum have poor mobility
  • Infection –  This is very rare but in some cases the sacroiliac joint can become infected

How do we treat it?

Chiropractic utilises your body’s healing processes to relieve pain that stems from joint inflammation, misalignment and dysfunction.  Upon examination your symptoms will be evaluated, all neurological, physical and orthopaedic testing routines will be carried out to determine your treatment options and an individual treatment plan will be formulated.  This may include:

  • Heat and ice therapy – Ice or cold packs will reduce swelling and inflammation to help alleviate pain.  Hot packs will help increase circulation supplying the joints with healing and pain relief.
  • Chiropractic adjustment –  If misalignment is the cause, chiropractic adjustments can help realign the joints that are causing pain in your body
  • Therapeutic massage –  This will relax tight muscles, increase blood flow to the area and help with soft tissue healing and recovery
  • Rest – This allows your body time to heal from any activities that were making your condition worse and will help to reduce inflammation
  • Exercises – Your Chiropractor will recommend stretches and exercises that will keep you flexible and will strengthen your muscles and joints whilst reducing pain and swelling

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