Could Running Be Good For Your Knees?


In the not too distant past, people suffering from Arthritis were advised not to jog as the additional stress could further injure the cartilage in your knees!  However the results of some recent research studies, fly in the face of conventional wisdom – running may actually be good for your knees!

Here’s How!

A Swedish research group studied the effects of jogging on the knee cartilage – also known as the meniscus – and found that the impact of jogging increases the production of proteins in the bones and cartilage, actually making them stronger!

Another multi-year study of nearly 75,000 runners showed them to be at less risk of developing arthritis than those who did not run regularly!

So why does running get such a bad press?

Overuse – Unless you are a professional runner, there is no need to run more than 3-4 times a week, to allow your joints and ligaments sufficient time to recover between runs.

Unforgiving Surfaces –  Try to avoid running on concrete – as far as possible try to run on grass, gravel or asphalt.

Unsuitable Footwear – It is a good idea to invest in a decent pair of running shoes.  They should be more flexible and have extra cushioning for better impact absorption.  Walking shoes are too inflexible and should not be worn for running.

Poor Running Form – If you are a new runner experiencing pain, there may be a problem with your running technique..  It is a good idea to get a biomechanical analysis by a professional – your Chiropractor should be able to help!  Making the suggested changes may be all you need to improve your knee health.

Physical Make-Up – There could be a problem with your skeletal structure, such as a leg length discrepancy or a tilt in your pelvis.  You can still enjoy the benefits of running, just take it slow and know your limits.  Your Chiropractor should be able to advise you on this as well!

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