Posture and Technology

PostureWhile fun and efficient, our much-loved technological devices could be the cause of bad posture and resulting back and neck pain…

Technology is increasingly becoming part of our everyday life. Everywhere you look people are surfing the net on their computers, writing a text message on their mobile phone or using a tablet to watch a video, which means a considerable amount of our time is being spent hunched over looking at a screen. It goes without saying that our techno devices bring a lot of fun and efficiency into our lives, but they can also, unfortunately bring a multitude of problems for our backs and necks, which is why correct posture when you are spending a lot time in front of a screen is extremely important.

To ensure your posture is correct as possible follow these simple Do’s and Don’t’s:


  • Try out new gadgets before you buy them to make sure they’re comfortable to use and spend time setting them up in a way that works well for you
  • Make sure that you always sit with your head directly over your body as the head is a heavy which can put unnecessary strain on your neck and back if it is tilted forward from a safe, neutral position
  • Take the time to break position on a regular basis and stretch your arms, shrug your shoulders and move your fingers around when using your mobile, smartphone, laptop or tablet, as this helps to keep the muscles more relaxed
  • Ensure your chair has an adequate back support when sitting in front of a computer at a desk
  • Take regular breaks to rest eyes, neck and shoulders
  • Stand up and walk around at least once an hour
  • Relax your wrists while typing.


  • Get too engrossed in what you are doing and forget how long you have been using your tech device in bed; if you are still planning to surf/text/play on your devices in bed, set an alarm to remind you to pack it away and get some much needed sleep
  • Slouch, use a low table or cross your legs while sitting at a desk in front of your computer screen
  • Sit in the same position while using your tech device for too long at a time
  • Tense your neck, shoulders or wrist.

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6 thoughts on “Posture and Technology

  1. Hi, I have really day poisture and I’m hunched over a bit, I’m really self concision about it. I sometimes I have pains in my lower and upper back, I have bough many back support , however the supports dig in to my arms, I’m at a lose of what to do.
    The job I do is very demanding and very physical, and I have to left boxes and bend down at a fast pace,
    I’ve tried excerises but with no luck.
    I think it’s time to seek advice.

    Ben whyte

    1. Hi Ben apologies for the late reply, this is the first comment we’ve had on here! Ok sure all of those issues we can look at and we will definitely be able to give you some advice with what treatment options or exercises are most suitable for you. The best thing to do is to ring up and book yourself in for our free pre-assessment check and we can sit down and talk about all of the issues you are having. Please call either our Luton clinic 01582 579687 or our Hitchin clinic 01462 420077, we look forward to hearing form you. Kind regards, Heale’s chiropractic clinics.

  2. I have a trapped nerve which originally hurt behind my right shoulder blade, down the back of my arm and into my fingers. My right arm feels very heavy to lift. Thisorning I have started to feel slight headaches. The pain settles whilst I sit still or lie down, but when I get up and walk around it is almost unbearable. The doctor has given me pain killers and I have been taking solpadeine max, but nothing helps. I have seen an osteopath which helped whilst he was manipulating me, but became worse again once I sat up. Would a chiropractor be able to help?

    1. Hi Janice,

      Yes there is quite possibly something we can do for you, the best thing is to phone up and book a free pre-assessment check where we can have a chat and do a quick examination to determine if there is anything we can do to help. Any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  3. I’ve been suffering back pain since the birth of my son 14 years ago but 5 years ago it started to get worse I’m now in constant pain I can’t walk very far without having to constantly sit down to try and ease the pain if I stand for more than a few minutes at a time my legs start to go numb the longer I stand the further down my legs the numbness spread visited my gp who sent me for physio the first appointment I was told I had a slipped disc the second appointment I was told that the therapist didn’t want to do anything to my back because she didn’t know what’s wrong and that she didn’t think I had a slipped disc because she couldn’t feel it and that I should go back to my gp to request an MRI scan but my requests have fallen on deaf ears I have no idea what’s wrong with my back so any advice would be very much appreciated

    1. Hi Susan,

      Apologies for the late reply. That sounds like you have been through a really rough time with it. Chiropractic uses specific tests that can help identify issues with the discs, an MRI is always the best tool to diagnose them however as you have had no luck in getting one then by all means please give us a call and book in for either the free pre-assessment check or full consultation and we will do everything we can to help.

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