Pinched Nerve Explained!

pinched nerve

When you hear the word “pinch” you know that it is not going to be pleasant!  As a child getting pinched by someone was not a nice experience.  We probably remember being told “you will just feel a slight pinch” at the Doctors surgery and then realised that it actually hurt!

A pinched nerve happens when something puts too much pressure on one of your nerves, it could be the surrounding muscles, cartilage, bones or tendons.  This in turn interrupts the nerve’s ability to function, causing pain, pins and needles and even numbness.

There are lots of reasons why you might get a pinched nerve, since anything that puts pressure on your nerves can cause one.

Potential causes include:-

  • Having an injury
  • Physical stress – from repetitive work
  • Obesity – weight gain can swell nerve pathways, compressing your nerves
  • A health condition such as arthritis
  • Hobbies or sports activities


The following tips may help you prevent a pinched nerve:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Limit repetitive activities and take frequent breaks when engaging in these activities
  • Maintain good positioning – do not cross your legs or lie in one position for a long time
  • Incorporate strength and flexibility exercises into your regular exercise programme

However if you suffer from a pinched nerve it can be quite serious, the good news is that if your nerve is compressed for a short time, you will probably be O.K. once the pressure is relieved through rest and treatment.  However if you ignore it, it can lead to chronic symptoms and even permanent nerve damage.

There are a wide range of treatments available for a pinched nerve.  Doctors will usually recommend resting the area and might prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to help you feel better.

However if this doesn’t work and your symptoms persist – it is time to contact your Chiropractor for an assessment.

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