Perils of flip flops

flip flops

Are flip flops the most dangerous shoes you can wear?  As the warmer weather approaches we turn to flip flops as everyday wear, but just stop and think about the possible long-term effects of wearing shoes with so little support!

It is easy to understand their appeal, flip flops are super quick to put on and take off, they keep your feet cool and comfortable and can easily withstand a good soaking!!!  However your standard flip flop offers zero foot and ankle support which in turn puts you at a greater risk of trips and falls!

While flip flops may feel comfortable as daily wear they can cause serious foot, hip, knee and back injuries.

In fact many Chiropractors say flip flops are among the most dangerous footwear out there!  It’s the lack of support that can cause problems in the arch and heel of your foot giving rise to conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis – inflammation of the tissues on the bottom of the foot which is an extremely painful condition.

Long-term heel and arch pain can lead to bone spurs – a condition often caused by strains on the foot muscles and ligaments and repeated tearing of the membrane that covers the heel bone.  Wearing this particular foot wear causes us to scrunch up our toes to try to hold onto them, which in turn alters the way we walk, shortening our strides – this in turn can lead to hip, knee and back pain!

If you are planning on wearing flip flops our Chiropractors at Heale’s Chiropractic clinics can offer some advice.  If you are wearing them, don’t wear them for long periods of time and suggest you shop for brands that offer arch support.

So if you have unexplained pain in other parts of your body like your back, you should consider your feet as a possible source!

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