Golf – bring back pain to the Fore!


Golf – one of the U.K.’s all time favourite sports – is becoming more popular than ever!  This increased popularity may be due to the fact that technology is producing golf equipment that makes the game easier or that we have more time and disposable income – whatever the reason, golf is enjoying a surge of popularity.

However, like any other sport, golf can cause injuries to the low back and spine.  One extremely common injury is low back pain, this is usually due to muscle strains and sprains.

There is a marked lack of awareness regarding the prevention of back related injuries amongst golfers which hinder their play and performance of the sport.  Follow these three prevention tips to help you avoid back related injuries whilst playing golf:-

Warm Up!

Sports injury surveys have shown that golfers who warm up prior to playing, experience less than half the number of injuries as those who do not.

Warming up increases flexibility which improves range of motion.  Stiff muscles and ligaments are far more prone to injury, so it is extremely important to use warm-up exercises that loosen the back and prepare for golf swing motions.

Incorporate back strengthening exercises into your daily routine!

Poor muscle strength in the lower back can often result in injury due to the intense pressure that a golf swing places upon these muscles.

Specific strength exercises that target the lower back can effectively improve strength and prevent injury.

Correct swing technique!

Professional golfers who experience back pain can usually put it down to a musculo-skeletal issue.  However, among amateurs and casual players the cause of back pain is often incorrect swing technique.

To protect your back :-

  • maintain a bent right knee and turn your left shoulder downward on the backswing
  • squat your lower body during the downswing
  • shift the vast majority of your weight to your left leg with your shoulder and hips level and turned open on impact
  • thrust your pelvis toward the target during the finish

If you are unsure you are using a correct swing technique it is always a good idea to get an expert’s opinion on your form!  As in all sports, try to avoid overuse and excessive repetitive movements and activities.

If you suffer from back pain that continues for more than two – six weeks, a specific, definable problem may be the cause and you may need to see your Chiropractor!

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