Upper Back Pain

upperbackpain2According to the National Office of Statistics in 2015 more than 1 million work days were lost in Britain due to back aches, with more and more of us hunched over computers upper back pain and stiffness has become far more common than lower back pain.

Upper Back Pain and stiffness can be caused by: 

  • Injury
  • Poor Posture
  • Spinal Instability
  • Stress
  • Disc Problems

A good way to help with upper back pain and stiffness is doing gentle exercise, however it is important to have your spine checked by a qualified professional before embarking on any exercise regime.

Exercising a strained area puts more stress on the involved muscles and joints, potentially creating additional nerve irritation ad could worsen the underlying problem.

So the message is – Don’t over do it!

Exercise such as Pilates can be a great option for those suffering from upper back pain.

Pilates has the added advantage of helping you focus on your posture and good posture helps distribute your weight throughout your spine so that your body can function at it’s best and protect against injury 

As many of us carry a lot of our tension in our neck and shoulders it is important to relax.

Upper back pain can also be caused by stress.  If you have quite a stressful job, make sure you take a deep breath every so often and gently roll your shoulders forwards and backwards 3 to 4 times to help relieve any tension as this will help relax the muscles and help towards preventing muscle spasms and cramps.

How else is back pain treated? 

  1. Chiropractic Adjustment
  2. Massage
  3. Exercise
  4. Physical Therapy

Seeing a Chiropractor can really help with upper back pain

A full medical history will be taken, to help identify the problem area, and any underlying factors that may be present.  The Chiropractor will then be able to give advice on how to help improve the problem in order to relieve any pain.

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