Bones – Foods To Keep Them Strong!

strong bones

Eating the right balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep your body’s systems functioning properly and to keep your bones strong and healthy is essential – eating right is not all about managing your weight!

It is very easy to get so focused on the fat and calories in the food we eat, we don’t consider how a particular meal will affect our whole body!  Do you know what nutrients were in your last meal or how those nutrients will help keep your body and bones strong?

Food for strong bones!

As we get older bones become more brittle, but eating a nutritious diet can help preserve bone strength.  Your body needs two key nutrients for strong bones and these are Calcium and Vitamin D.

Calcium is the mineral that strengthens bones and teeth and Vitamin D helps absorb calcium whilst improving bone growth.

Adults should get 1,000 milligrams (mg) of Calcium and 200 International Units (IUs) of Vitamin D a day.  If you happen to be over 50, then it jumps to 1,200 mg of Calcium and 400-600 IUs of Vitamin D daily.

Whilst it is true both Calcium and Vitamin D can be taken in tablet form as supplements, it is far better to get these nutrients through your diet.  So what foods should you be eating?  Below are five of the best foods for healthy bones:-

  • Yoghurt – Most yoghurts are fortified with Vitamin D.  Depending on the brand, you could get 30% of your daily Calcium intake!


  • Spinach – Don’t skip on your greens, especially spinach.  It contains plenty of fibre and Vitamin A, but most importantly just one cup of cooked spinach contains 25% of your daily dose of Calcium.  If you really don’t like the taste of spinach – make a fruit smoothie and add a handful of fresh spinach – you will never know it’s there – honest!


  • Salmon and Tuna – Just three ounces of red (Sockeye) salmon contains more than your full daily dose of Vitamin D, not to mention it’s good for your heart!  Tuna is another great source of Vitamin D containing approximately 39% of your daily dose!


  • Milk – Many adults don’t drink milk, however an eight ounce glass of fat free milk provides 30% of your daily dose of Calcium, and if you buy milk fortified with Vitamin D – you will get even more benefits!


  • Fortified Foods – Many products from your local supermarket are fortified with vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D and Calcium – just check the labels on items such as cereals and orange juice to be sure what you are buying will actually be beneficial to building strong bones!

No matter how old you are it’s never too late to start focusing on eating right to keep your bones strong and healthy.

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