Arthritis – Eat to Beat Pain!


Arthritis is a common condition that causes pain and inflammation in a joint.

In the UK alone, more than 10 million people have arthritis pain or other similar conditions that affect the joints.  Arthritis affects people of all ages, including children.

The most common types of arthritis are:-

Osteoarthrits – the most common type of arthritis in the U.K. affecting nearly 9 million people.  It mostly develops in adults who are in their mid-40’s or older and is more common in women and people with a family history of this condition.  However it ca occur at any age as a result of injury or can be associated with other joint related conditions such as gout or rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis – this affects more than 400,000 people in the U.K.  It mostly starts when a person is between 40 and 50 years old and women are three times more likely to be affected than men.

In rheumatoid arthritis, the body’s immune system targets affected joints, which leads to pain and swelling.  There is no cure for arthritis, but there are many treatments that can help slow it down.  Avoiding certain foods can be beneficial, however whilst there is no single diet to follow, research suggests including anti-inflammatory foods into your diet and limiting foods that may trigger joint pain.

Listed below are some trigger foods to be avoided:-

Fried and processed foods – Research has shown that decreasing the amount of fried and processed foods eaten can reduce inflammation and help restore the body’s natural defenses.  Try to include more fruit and vegetables into your diet and cut down on fried meats and prepared frozen meals.

Sugars and refined carbohydrates – Try to cut out sweets, processed foods, white flour baked goods such as cakes and biscuits and fizzy drinks to help reduce your arthritis pain.

Alcohol and tobacco – smokers are at risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis while those who consume alcohol have a higher risk for developing gout!  Try to cut back on drinking and smoking and balance your eating habits with healthy choices, regular exercise and quality sleep.

Dairy products – these may contribute to arthritis pain due to a type of protein they contain which may irritate the tissues around the joints. Rather than getting protein from meat and dairy try to get the bulk of your protein from vegetables, nut butters, tofu, beans, lentils and quinoa.

Salt and preservatives – for some people excess consumption of salt may result in inflammation of their joints.  Try to avoid prepared meals, yes they are convenient but microwaveable meals are often very high in salt.

Finally – what works for one person may not work for someone else, so there is no single established arthritis diet plan.  Trial and error will determine what works for you, however experts advise people with arthritis maintain a healthy weight and a balanced diet!

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