Dizziness for no reason?


Incredibly two in five over 40’s experience dizziness or vertigo!  This can have an enormous impact on your daily routine.   It can stop you from doing things for fear of falling.

Try these 5 simple ways to help reduce the dizziness!

Get a good nights sleep!

Pain, anxiety, medication and too much caffeine can lead to sleepless nights and can cause you to feel dizzy – take time to wind down before going to bed, make sure your bedroom is quiet, calm and the room temperature is just right.  Sorry , but this also means mobile phones, laptops or tablets are strictly off limits!

Drink plenty of water!

Dehydration is a common cause of dizziness, you should aim to drink around 2 litres of fluids a day if you are a man and 1.6 litres for a woman.  Tap water is fine, but if you dislike the taste try sparkling water or add a slice of orange, lemon, ginger, lime or a sprig of mint to liven things up!

Eat a banana!

A major cause of dizziness is low blood glucose levels.  Other good foods  to help tackle low blood glucose, include blueberries, fruit juice, ice-cream or honey – so always have something in your bag or desk to hand!

Be aware!

Mindfulness based CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) which involves being aware of your thoughts and breathing along with other simple techniques can help as part of a comprehensive programme designed to help reduce the dizziness!

Get professional help!

G.P. and other non-specialists often misdiagnose dizziness!  If you are suffering from cervicogenic vertigo a Chiropractor can be of great help.  Your Chiropractor will use manipulation, targeting joints that are not moving properly.

If your dizziness is coming from the balance centres of the inner ear, your Chiropractor can use a technique called the “Epley Manoeuvre”  and will show you exercises to help regain control of your balance!

If you think your dizziness is coming from your neck or inner ear or would like some more information, please contact us on Luton (01582 579687) or Hitchin (01462 420077), alternatively e-mail us on luton@healesclinics.com, hitchin@healesclinics.com


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