Cycling and Chiropractic Treatment

cyclingCycling has always been a very popular sport, cyclists seem to be everywhere and as with any type of physical activity, there is always a chance that injuries will occur. Chiropractic helps keep your body balanced and improves your flexibility. This, in turn, decreases your chance for injury.

Many people who take up cycling do so to ease pain in the joints anyway, especially in the knees and hips, however sometimes cycling can put a little bit of strain on these areas. It’s tough to balance cycling and healthy joints. but with chiropractic care, the balance is easier.

While cycling can loosen up and strengthen these joints, chiropractic care can further enhance their health by keeping restrictions removed. This helps keep pain away, which is crucial for enjoying the ride.

Spinal alignment is one of the most common chiropractic techniques, but it goes much farther than that. Adjustments to the legs and feet can help with ankle, knee, hip, and foot pain. Adjustments to the arms and shoulders can help relieve pain in those areas. Special attention to the joints help keep them flexible and functioning as they should.

It’s not enough to simply keep pain away from the body. While this is a great place to start, it’s also important to use that pain relief to improve mobility. As chiropractors remove restrictions from the spine, pain is often removed as well, but as a result, general mobility is improved.

This is very important for a cyclist. The more mobility you have, the more you can enjoy riding, which means the more you’ll actually do it.

3 common complaints from cyclists that Chiropractic care can treat:

  1. Low back pain – Hunching over a desk and then hunching over your handlebars can stretch out your back muscles, an issue when combined with the tight hamstrings and hip flexors common in cyclists.  This can rob your spine of its natural, healthy curvature which puts stress on your vertebrae, especially those in your low back.  Low back pain is common in cyclists, however regular chiropractic treatment, core strength and range of motion exercises are important to help prevent the root causes.
  2. Numbness in hands and fingers – Chiropractors see their share of riders coming in complaining of tingling, numb fingers and hands. It may be originating from issues with the wrists or hands themselves or from compression in the upper back.
  3. Locked hips – It’s common to see the sacro-iliac joint lock or function poorly in cyclists. The glutes are big, powerful cycling muscles and when they get tight, the hips don’t move the way they’re meant to the stress of that travels down the leg and causes knee pain.

Chiropractic is completely natural and does not rely on invasive treatments or surgeries. It does not use medications of any kind. It relies on the body’s natural ability to heal.

Chiropractic involves gentle spinal manipulations that realign the body and restore movement in the joints as well as muscle trigger points and soft tissues. It may include electrical muscular current therapies, massage, cold therapy, ultrasonic waves, and other therapies in addition to the spinal manipulations.

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