Can you put a price on health?

Skeleton Grabbing Bags of MoneyHow expensive is Chiropractic really? Yes it’s private healthcare that you have to pay for, unless of course you have private healthcare insurance but at the end of the day you are still paying a monthly fee for that. The question you should ask yourself is: How much is pain affecting my life? For example: Are you self-employed and taking time off work and therefore loosing money? Have you had too many sick days and your boss is starting to get tired of it? Are you unable or find it difficult to to pick up and play with your children? Are you in agony during work, at home or on a daily basis?

We’re not here to sign you up for a million treatments! What we are primarily concerned with is getting you out of pain, we will treat you as regularly as you need to be treated for a short while until your symptoms have eased to a level where you are going for a good few months without your pain. Obviously everyone is different and it depends on the condition you have so it will take longer for some people to get better than it will others but it is also dependent on what your daily activities are and whether you comply with the advice we give you e.g. regular icing/heating, stretching, exercises etc. adhering to our advice will help to speed up your recovery. We can’t promise to cure you of your issues but we can help you manage them and try to prevent these types of problems from reoccurring in the future; this is usually done by maintenance care which is typically 3-4 treatments a year in order to keep you mobile and out of pain so by that point the cost isn’t that much (and even the initial cost is worth it to get you out of pain) but most importantly your pain is under control and you can get on with enjoying your life!

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