Back Pain

LBPAcute Back Pain

Conditions of the lower and mid back can be very painful initially; the acute stage occurs within the first 6 weeks of onset. Depending on what has caused the pain, you may experience other symptoms such as leg pain, muscle ache, numbness or pins and needles. Acute back pain can be very sharp in nature or may present as a dull ache, the pain might come and go intermittently or it may occur constantly.

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 Chronic Back Pain

The term ‘Chronic’ classifies conditions that have been ongoing for a substantial length of time from a period of a few months to sometimes years. Some people may have lived with their back pain for a long time before it gets so bad that they have to seek some help for it, sometimes the painful periods come on every few months and they can have relatively pain free periods between episodes, in others it can gradually build up and increase in intensity over a long time but in any case it is always best to seek some help and advice rather than live with (in some cases quite extreme) back pain.

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General Aches & Pains

Pain that is more sporadic and diffuse are just as difficult to live with and these can be acute or chronic depending on the condition. Some arthritis conditions (for example) can give joint pain and stiffness for many years and can be eased by certain treatments to the joint areas and muscle tissue surrounding them. Whichever type of back pain there must be a cause, and once we help identify what the cause may be then you have a much better chance of getting the treatment that is right for you.

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