Luton and Hitchin Chiropractic Competition

Luton and Hitchin ChiropracticThe end is nigh for our facebook competition but it’s still not too late to enter! If you are a patient of our Luton and Hitchin chiropractic clinics and have already liked the page then just find a friend who is willing to add us and pop down to the clinic and give us their name (so we can see when they’ve added us) and collect your ticket. The results of the prize draw will be posted on facebook on the 17th of October and we will have one of our long standing patients (who has not entered the competition) to draw the prizes, just so you can be sure that there is no funny business! 😉

We can’t say on the net who has won but we will draw the winning numbers and publish them, if you win and want to collect your prize don’t worry if you haven’t got the ticket with you as we will write your name on the back of the winning ticket. If you have forgotten your number then just pop down and we can inform you if you have won anything or not and if you have won a prize and we don’t hear from you then our team at Luton and Hitchin chiropractic clinics  will give you a phone call or e.mail to tell you what you’ve won.

Good luck!

Regards from the team at Luton and Hitchin chiropractic clinics

As far as the picture goes, had to capitalise on the upcoming Star Wars movie… sooooo excited!!!!

Luton and Hitchin Chiropractic Clinics

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